Logo Design

Whether you’re looking for a unique symbol, detailed emblem, simpler wordmark/lettermark or a combination of all three, a high-end logo can make a perfect first and lasting impression. I’ve worked with tens of startups and organisations to create their distinct identity. Using a mixture of research, communication, experimentation and design, I can present you with various professional branding concepts.

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Project: The Grass Guy


Every successful business has to continually evolve in order to stay relevant to their audience, that includes your branding. People who run older businesses in particular can be apprehensive about changing their logo because it’s so ingrained in their customer’s minds, but all it might take is a few small tweaks to ensure the logo works well across all the company’s branding and identity and bring it right up to date.

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Brand Audit

Often clients will approach me knowing their business needs a rebrand or tweaking, but struggling to quantify what exactly needs to be done because they find it difficult to view their branding objectively. Having spent years analysing the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s branding as part of the rebranding process for businesses, I have built up a tried and trusted process that allows me to objectively critique your brand presenting you with suggested improvements.

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Project: Business Expert

Branding & Identity Package

If you’re looking for a full branding and identity solution that includes logo design and all of your identity collateral. I will work with you to create several logo concepts and refine it in to the perfect logo. As part of the package I will also design eye-catching and unique business cards, branded letterheads to instantly elevate the look if your forms and invoices, envelopes so that you can seal them in style and a branded Facebook cover image to tie everything together.

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