Responsive Website Design & Build

Over the last 5 years mobile web browsing has exploded and continues to grow rapidly as smartphone and tablet browser technology constantly improves and mobile data becomes more accessible and affordable around the world. Having a website that is designed only for one screen size is no longer sufficient. If visitors to your site have to pinch-and-zoom to click links or read content, they’ll most likely get distracted or leave. You need to make your website as easy to use as possible on every device.

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Project: The End
Project: Gill Reilly

WordPress Theme Customisation

WordPress sits behind your website and gives you the ability to add/edit pages, blog posts, menus and pretty much everything on your website. A WordPress theme is essentially a template design that completely changes the look and feel of your site. Any time somebody designs and builds a bespoke WordPress website, they’re making a new theme that modifies the colours, layout, logo and how the website is presented to users.

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eCommerce Integration

Do you manage a retail business that would benefit from an online store? Do you sell courses or classes that could be enhanced with online bookings? Do you sell products locally but are struggling to expand beyond local clientele? eCommerce is the obvious choice for your business. In the past, e-commerce websites were expensive and time-consuming to build, but these days there is a plethora of free (and low-cost) e-commerce solutions that gives you complete control to sell anything online.

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Project: Oliver McKenzie Bridal Boutique
Project: Campervan Central

Website Audit

Any web-savvy marketer will tell you that great websites are built on great content. That’s absolutely true – to an extent. If your great content is scattered, unorganised and difficult to navigate, users will struggle to digest it. Whether it’s a blog, news service, products or basic informational pages, it’s crucial that your content is displayed in a clear and logical layout that compliments it.

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Email Template Design

Email newsletters remain a crucial communication between businesses and customers. The design and layout of the emails you send out can determine how quickly your email is digested or dismissed. Is it optimised for mobile? Have you proofread the copy? Are there any dead links? When it comes to email, the checklist goes on and on. Even when you’ve checked off the essentials, you’ve still got to test it with over 50 different email clients, as different clients render emails differently.

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Project: Goodlord
Project: Archers Holidays

Social Media Design

Your brand should be the consistent face of your business, that includes your social media profiles and pages. These days, your businesses social media profiles are the gateway to your brand and the first contact point for your audience. Although the customisation of social media profiles can seem limited, using bespoke images designed specifically for those profiles can carry the consistency of your brand through.

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WordPress Maintenance

If your website is built on WordPress, it’s crucial that you keep it maintained in order to secure it from hackers. Updated versions of plugins, themes and WordPress itself are regularly released to patch security flaws and provide enhanced functionality – staying on top of these updates will keep your site robust.

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