Shaken, not stirred.

Sometimes a bespoke website design can be out of reach of small businesses due to tight budgets and a lack of resources. An out-of-the-box website such as those nasty ‘website builders’ offered by web hosts can seem like a good solution, but these cookie-cutter sites will never really give you the full control, versatility and slick design that a WordPress website can provide. Fear not! There are thousands of very well built premium WordPress themes out there that we can use as a base from which to create your site.

Big changes for small budgets.

Customising an existing WordPress theme can be the perfect solution for those with small budgets because the majority of the coding groundwork has already been done. Providing the theme used is of a high standard and has been built with customisation in mind, it can be transformed in to a beautiful and effective site that fully reflects your brand, in a relatively short amount of time. Your website visitors will still enjoy a great experience and on the face of it the site looks completely unique.

Experienced, highly skilled WordPress customisation.

I’ve worked on several projects where a client is keen to keep costs down by asking me to customise an existing WordPress theme rather than build a bespoke website from the ground up. They may have already picked out a theme that they like and want it to be customised, or they are looking for help when choosing a theme. Once we have discussed what your vision is for the website, I can research and suggest existing themes that we can build on and customise to ensure your business has a first class online presence.

Let's start a WordPress Theme Customisation project

N.B. As these themes are coded by other developers, it’s not always possible to customise every element. If you’re looking to entirely change the design and functionality of a theme then it can often take just as long as building a bespoke site which defeats the purpose, so it’s vital that we find a theme that matches as many of your requirements as possible.