Pretentious Burger Kitchen

Responsive Web Design & Build

Summer 2015

PBK - Web Designer London

Who Are PBK?

The ambitious group of guys at Pretentious Burger Kitchen were on a roll after a successful start at a pop-up restaurant in Bristol in 2014. Their next move was to set up permanent residence in the newly renovated city centre of Newport, Wales, bringing their restaurant venture which focuses on daily fresh produce, innovative techniques and a dose of humour to the masses. PBK asked me to design and build a responsive website to go along with the launch of their new business and showcase their philosophy and products.

Pretentious Burger Kitchen Mobile View

Recipe For Success

I built upon the logo and branding decisions that the team at PBK had already come up with, to keep their look consistent and memorable in my designs for web. Having worked with so many small businesses over the years, I was able to give guidance on the structure and content of the website, and from this the team and I agreed the whole web design.

Pretentious Burger Kitchen Tablet View

Fast, Adaptable, Responsive

The PBK site is built on WordPress, which provides a great platform for building fast, adaptable, responsive websites, as well as giving the end client a very user-friendly content management system to keep their site up-to-date with new text, photos and pages, as they need. I built in elements such as media sliders to showcase the images of the restaurants’ products, the key to their business. The menu is simple, and adapts between desktop and mobile seamlessly, responding to the needs of the PBK customers, who will equally engage with this site at home or on-the-go.

Pretentious Burger Kitchen Responsive Web Design

Well Done!

Pretentious Burger Kitchen opened it’s doors in Newport in December 2015 and have been going from strength to strength ever since. The team are thrilled that their website creates such a great ‘shop window’ to their new customers, and are using and developing the extra benefits of social media and analytics that I built in to the site to grow their business even further.

Pretentious Burger Kitchen Responsive Web Design