The Grass Guy

Branding & Logo Design

Spring 2014

The Grass Guy - Branding & Logo Design

High End Design on a Low Budget

Aly Gentles was making the exciting move to start up his own lawn care business in his local area of East Sussex in 2014, and contacted me to design a logo for his new venture. As a fledgling business, Aly’s budget was very small and I was happy to work within those boundaries for this project. As a freelancer myself, I understand when budgets are tight, especially in the beginning, and enjoy working on these sorts of projects and seeing my clients’ businesses grow and grow as a result of my input.

The Grass Guy - Branding & Logo Design

Freshly Cut Logo Design (Sorry!)

I like to sketch logo concepts by hand to come up with initial ideas. Once I had 3 sketched designs that I was happy with, I moved my work to Adobe Illustrator to development them further. I sent these logo ideas to Aly and we discussed the pros and cons of each, settling on the lawnmower concept for its simple, clean yet distinctive look, which would look great across any media. I went back to Illustrator to edit, review and perfect the design, delivering the finished logo to Aly ready for his new business adventure to start.

The Grass Guy - Branding & Logo Design

Full Handover

Aly loved the logo and was really pleased with how we had worked together on such a low budget over a short space of time. To continue to keep costs low for his business, Aly was keen to make small flyers and ads himself to promote The Grass Guy, so as part of my initial project proposal I provided Aly with the vector (high quality) files to enable him to produce and print a whole range of promotional items himself in future at no added cost. It was great to be able to help yet another new business and see The Grass Guy flourishing!